Codestock 2017 Wrap Up

I spoke at the 10th annual CodeStock conference in Knoxville, TN on May 3rd, 4th and 5th.

As usual, the organizers did an outstanding job. I’ve missed this conference for the last couple of years (for various reasons) and it has grown quite a bit.

The Venue

Last time I spoke at CodeStock, it was held at the University of Tennessee Conference Center which is a great venue. This year, it was at the Knoxville Convention Center and it is even nicer. The center was enormous which gave plenty of room when sessions let out. It was still crowded (because they have quite a few attendees) but it didn’t feel like I couldn’t move. The rooms for the sessions were set up well, and I even have my Docker talk recorded!

The Talks

I gave two talks at the conference: one on Docker, the other on JavaScript. I got a lot of great feedback on both talks. One guy, who was not a developer but there with his developer wife, told me that even he thought he could do some stuff with Docker after my talk. I love that kinda stuff! The Docker talk was recorded, so as soon as it is posted, I will update this post with a link.

The Extra Curriculars

The night before the main conference, we had a speaker dinner at the Sun Sphere in Knoxville. Really great venue for the dinner, the food was great and the view was stunning, even with it raining (I think the view was more stunning because of the rain)!

I had some work to do the night of the attendee party in [Market Square], so unfortunately I didn’t get to attend, but the festivities continued each night on the patio at the Hilton down town. There were a LOT of great conversations about software, community and life in general. And, of course, many beverages consumed.


I had an awesome time, and I will not be missing another CodeStock if I can avoid it!