JavaScript LevelUp

If you’ve been developing for the web any length of time, you’ve probably written some JavaScript. You know the basics of the language and you can get things done, and applications shipped. But as the proliferation of JavaScript continues into frameworks like UnderscoreJS, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, AnyOtherThingYouCanThinkOfJS, and even to the server (with NodeJS) you may find yourself struggling to understand how to write professional, full-fledged applications using JavaScript. In this session you will LevelUp your JavaScript skills by learning about closures and how they help to modularize your javascript. Prototypal inheritance and how you can extend JavaScript and you will learn about JavaScript design patterns and how they can take your JavaScript skills to the next level!

Will The ReAL ReST Please Stand Up?

This is not meant to be a “You’re not ReSTful, I Am” type of session, it’s merely meant to inform. I built “ReSTful-ish” services for a long time, and sometimes that’s good enough. But I missed out on some of the benefits of REALLY ReSTful APIs and, specifically, the hypermedia aspects of the ReST proposal. In this session we will talk about Dr. Fielding’s dissertation and the benefits of adhering to the proposal of Representational State Transfer, and when pragmatism should win.

Agile Transitions From The Trenches

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Agile software development. As people try to make the transition, they generally find themselves stumbling and maybe even giving up on Agile altogether. In this session I will help you understand discuss what Agile is, and what it isn’t. I will tell you about the differences between “Big A” Agile and “Little A” agile. I’ll tell you real stories from real agile transformations, and you’ll learn common problems that most companies face during an agile transformation and how to overcome those challenges.

Consuming Hypermedia in AngularJS

ReSTful services are all the rage, but most companies skip the HyperMedia part of ReST. This is because it can be hard for the new single-page apps to consume them and get all the benefits of the HyperMedia in the API. In this session, I will show you how to consume HyperMedia easily from AngularJS and even help you understand how to survive a refresh and keep deep links working like you can without letting the HyperMedia lead your API calls. We’ll even look at an AngularJS library that can help you do it even easier!